Q: Do I have to stay at the convention hotel (the Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville) if I want to attend the convention?


A: No, the convention and hotel registrations are separate. There is no requirement for you to stay at the hotel. That said, the RCW 139 special rate is extremely competitive for a hotel in downtown Toronto in the middle of the summer, and you may enjoy the convention experience even more so by staying there! And the rooms are rather nice.

Registration and Payment

Q: Do I have to have a PayPal account to pay?


A: No, payment can be made using a credit card or bank account through PayPal, without having a PayPal account. Of course, you can also pay using a PayPal account if you choose to do so.

Q: Is my payment safe? Does RCW 139 see my banking information?

A: Payment is processed through PayPal, a secure provider. RCW 139 does not see your banking or credit card information.

Q: Can I send in a check or money order?

A: We only accept payment through PayPal. However, you can choose to fund your payment using a bank account. Please contact us on an individual basis if you are unable to pay through PayPal.

Q: How about paying at the door?

A: For many reasons, payment will not be accepted at the door. Attendance must be known for items that have to be produced or procured, and to organize events. Furthermore, the logistics of accepting cash at the door are not ideal. Additionally, there are a number of upfront costs which must be handled before the convention.

Supporting Memberships

Q: What is included in the "goodie bag"?


A: This has not been decided yet (and it's meant to be a surprise!). However, expect a minimum of four to five items, one of those being a T-shirt. Bag items will be in the tradition of previous RCW 139 conventions. In 2008, the goodie bags included a T-shirt, keylight, compass carabiner, pen, trading cards, Milk Duds, convention program, and a personally autographed and dedicated picture of Paul Gross. See the RCW 139: Toronto Holiday supporting membership page for more information. In 2010, the goodie bags included a T-shirt, matchbook, postcard, autographed picture of Paul Gross in Gunless, Trojan Horse DVD, trading cards, pins, and more!

Q: When will supporting membership packages be mailed?

A: Packages will be mailed either just prior to or just after the convention. Last year, most supporting memberships were received within 2 weeks of the convention.

Q: Can I save shipping by picking up the package at the convention?

A: Absolutely. Just purchase a supporting membership with no shipping and once we get closer to the convention, let us know when you will be picking it up.

Q: Can you combine shipping if I order more than one supporting membership?

A: Yes. If you want to purchase more than one supporting membership and have them shipped to the same address, send us an e-mail at


Q: Are children invited?


A: Yes. Due South is a family show and RCW 139 has always been family-friendly. Children may attend all events; however, a responsible adult must accompany all children 11 years old and younger.

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