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  • Registration for RCW 139: You Must Remember This is now open! Head over to the Online Store to purchase either your attending or supporting membership. Note that attending registrations will be capped at 100, as in past years.
  • You can now also reserve your hotel room! All the details are on the Venue page.
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Latest News

6 January 2019

The Goodie Bags have been a feature of RCW 139 since the earliest conventions in the late 1990s. We picked up the tradition (and improved it, in our opinion!) when we re-started RCW 139 in 2008. Some people have already asked us a few questions about the bags, so we figured we'd do a little Goodie Bag retrospective on Facebook and post some of our favourite items during the next few weeks.

First though - we can happily confirm that we will have Goodie Bags for RCW 139: You Must Remember This, and they're going to be just as good as they've always been. We won't, however, tell you what's going to be in them, because that's a surprise! Well, maybe we'll tell you one thing: there's going to be a t-shirt... but you may have already guessed that. Because who doesn't need another Due South t-shirt?

Unable to attend the convention? No problem! You can still get yourself a Goodie Bag, conveniently shipped right to your doorstep (or wherever you pick up your mail!) by purchasing a supporting membership. Supporting members are essential to RCW 139, as your support allows us not only to buy Goodie Bag items in greater quantities (and therefore at a lower price), but part of your supporting membership includes a contribution that is put towards the organization of the event.

So, on we go with items from past conventions. There have been many great ones, so it's hard to pick favourites, but here's one: in 2012 for RCW 139: From A Million Miles, the bags included a plastic card the size of a credit card... which was in fact a City of Chicago Wolf License! Issued to Benton Fraser of 221 East Racine, by none other than the Mayor of Chicago himself, Richard M. Daley. For our 2012 attendees and supporters, does anyone carry it in their wallet or purse? Tell us on Facebook!

2 January 2019

Happy New Year everyone!

Let's talk a little bit about the Venue for RCW 139: You Must Remember This. For 2019, we are moving to the Courtyard Toronto Downtown as our previous venue, the Marriott Bloor Yorkville, is undergoing renovations and not taking group bookings.

The Courtyard (which is also a Marriott brand) is still ideally located, only a few streets south of our previous venue. It's right on Yonge Street in downtown Toronto, and steps away from the nearby College station on Toronto's main north-south subway line. It was completely renovated in 2017.

RCW 139 has a block of rooms for the nights of 25 July, 26 July, and 27 July 2019 available at a discounted rate of $189/night. This special rate is also valid up to three days before and three days after the convention, for those wishing to stay extra days, and will allow you to book either a room with one King bed or two Queen beds. The rooms are very large, and feature updated accommodations with cozy reading chairs, mini-refrigerators, large windows, ample desks, and free Wi-Fi. Many rooms benefit from sleeper sofas and balconies. RCW 139 attendees can take advantage of the hotel's indoor lap pool and 24-hour fitness center.

We know that the room price is higher than for past conventions, but hotel room rates in Toronto have increased significantly during the past five years. A room at a good downtown Toronto hotel during the summer now runs anywhere from $300-$500/night, which makes this very reasonable. We encourage you to stay at the Courtyard if you can as it ultimately benefits everyone: not only will you get the full convention experience, but the more rooms we use as a group, the more negotiating leverage we have with the hotel for all of our other convention requirements! We also encourage you to book early, as once the block booking is full, we can't guarantee that extra rooms will be made available. Furthermore, rooms at the $189/night rate prior to and after the convention are on an availability basis.

See our Venue page for more details, or click here to book a room:

22 December 2018

Registration for RCW 139: You Must Remember This is now open! Head over to the Online Store to register either as an attending member or a supporting member. A few important points to note:

  • As in past years, we will cap registration at 100 attendees on a first-to-register basis. Note that we sold out in 2014. A waiting list will be created if the event sells out again for 2019.
  • We have simplified registration options this year, as nearly everyone registered for the Gala Dinner in past years. Therefore, there is only one  attending registration, at an early registration cost of CAN $175 for adults (less than in 2014!), with discounted rates for youth and children. This covers all events at the hotel, including the Gala Dinner (with a small extra cost for larger size t-shirts).
  • Early registration pricing will be available until mid-February, as this is when our first deposit payment is due to the hotel. Attending registrations will go up by CAN $50 afterwards.
  • Payments are processed through PayPal as our secured payment platform. You do not need a PayPal account to register.
  • What is your money used for? Major expenses include meeting space rental at the hotel, food and service for the Gala Dinner, audio-visual equipment rental, items for the goodie bags (including t-shirts and program printing), room decorations, guest travel expenses, fees to accept PayPal payments, and more.
  • We have supporting memberships again for people unable to attend but who want to support the event! For supporting the convention, we will send you the same goodie bag that every attendee receives. This year, they are available at a cost of CAN $75 that includes shipping anywhere in the world (with a small extra cost for larger size t-shirts). Please note that supporting memberships are extremely important, as we would not be able to run the event without contributions from our supporting members.

Any questions? Let us know at

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Pictures from RCW 139

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What is RCW 139?

Named after a recurring license plate seen on Due South, RCW 139 is a convention organized by fans of the show for fans of the show. The first RCW 139 convention was held in 1996. Seven more conventions have been held since then, the latest in 2014, called RCW 139: Thank You Kindly. For many years, RCW 139 has been the world's only Due South convention!

What makes RCW 139 so special is that is as much (if not more!) about people as it is about Due South. Every convention is different. Countless friendships have been made and renewed through RCW 139 - friendships that last a lifetime. Due South brings us together, but it doesn't take long to find that we have so much more in common than just our love for a TV show.

If you've never been, we think you'll find it hard to believe just how many close friends attendees make over three days (or more!):

And if you've been before, then you already know it's not to be missed!

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