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11 July 2019

Only just over two weeks to go to RCW 139! We've now updated the schedule with the latest information - which remains subject to change, of course. But head over to the Event Details page to see the latest.

A reminder that registration is closed, but for any last minute attending or supporting membership requests, please e-mail directly

1 June 2019

Registration for RCW 139: You Must Remember This is now closed. For any last minute attending or supporting membership requests, please e-mail directly and we will see what we can do.

30 May 2019

Tomorrow is the last day to register for RCW 139: You Must Remember This. Head over to the Online Store to get your attending or supporting membership!

25 April 2019

Well Duesers, it is now 25 April and we are only three months away from the start of RCW 139: You Must Remember This. Can you believe it?! The next few months will be busy as preparations really ramp up!

On that note, we've made a decision regarding the cutoff date for ticket sales (for both attending and supporting memberships), and that will be 31 May 2019. That should allow everyone plenty of time to purchase their memberships, while at the same time giving us enough time to finalize numbers and orders. So make sure you head on to the Online Store to get your attending or supporting membership!

22 April 2019

Time for a another news recap, from the past three weeks! Just a reminder that for the latest up-to-date news, you can go directly to our Facebook page!

So we have three more announcements of guests that are interested in joining us in July: first, RCW 139 veteran Tony Craig might just join us (perhaps we'll have a Duck Boy panel with Tom Melissis and Daniel Kash?). Second is Mackenzie Gray, who had a guest role in “Perfect Strangers”. You may not know Mackenzie, but he has lots of great Due South stories to tell, and an incredible filmography including notable roles in Smallville, Man of Steel, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Supernatural, Fringe, Fargo, Legion, Warcraft and Riverdale, just to name a few! And third is another RCW 139 veteran - the always popular Michael Bowman, who was an Assistant Director on many episodes and always has incredibly interesting stories to tell.

We're also hard at work on the event schedule and hope to have a preliminary schedule up soon - although of course, our scheduling really depends on the availability of our guests and can't be confirmed until much closer to the event.

Finally, one of our attendees from previous conventions, the very talented Tina from Sweden, has put together RCW 139: You Must Remember This sewn patches. You can order them directly from her for the cost of CAN $10 per patch by e-mailing her at, with "RCW 139 patch" in the subject line. She'll give you instructions on how to pay, and we've teamed up with her so that if you order a patch (or two?), it will be in your Goodie Bag at the convention. Supporting members can also order patches and we will include them in the package you will receive! Here are a couple of pictures of the patches (click to enlarge)!

3 April 2019

Time for a little news recap, as much has happened in March. First, the biggest news: Callum Keith Rennie (Stanley Ray Kowalski) is interested in attending RCW 139: You Must Remember This, if his schedule permits! That would be his first appearance at a Due South convention!

We've also been talking on our Facebook page about some of the events that will be featured at RCW 139, one of which will be a tour of filming locations. While the schedule won't be finalized until much closer to the convention dates, as we need confirmation from our invited guests, we'll be publishing a preliminary schedule in mid- to late-April.

Expect more info soon on other RCW 139 events, as well as potentially more guests announcements in the next few weeks.

Remember - attending and supporting memberships are available through our Online Store!

9 March 2019

More guests! I don't think we've ever had so many guests interested in attending RCW 139. This week, we're pleased to announced that three... uhm, criminals from Due South have expressed their interest in being our guests this summer: Jim Bracchitta (Frankie Zuko), Christina Cox (Caroline Morgan), and Kevin Rushton (variety of roles and stuntperson). As always, their appearances are subject to their availability and schedule.

So what are you waiting for? Attending and supporting memberships are available through our Online Store!

14 February 2019

Happy Valentine's Day, Duesers! So what will RCW 139: You Must Remember This be like? Well, for one thing, you can be sure that it's going to be just as much fun as the 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014 conventions! Like the prior events, we won't be able to tell you the final schedule until just a few days before the event - mainly so that we can accommodate the busy and often-changing schedule of our guests. And sometimes, the schedule changes the night before the start of RCW 139 (like in 2010, when we got confirmation that Paul Gross would be coming!) or even after the start of the event (like in 2012, when Daniel Kash came for an unexpected visit!

However, here is what we can tell you:

  • On the Thursday evening, for early arrivals, we'll likely go back to the Distillery District for a visit of numerous Due South filming locations and a little dinner between friends. Hopefully the weather will be more like 2010 and less like 2014!

  • Friday will be the official opening of RCW 139, with registration and the distribution of Goodie Bags in the morning. And of course, the opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones! Friday afternoon will include events such as group episode viewing, Kitkat tasting, and the Due South Carnival - an event which in 2014 was described as "ridiculously fun"! Friday evening? Perhaps a guest panel or two!

  • On Saturday morning, we're hoping to step out of the hotel. Breakfast at the Patrician Grill is a guarantee, as long as they are open, of course. And maybe we'll do a tour of filming locations? Saturday afternoon is always a good time for a guest panel or maybe another event outside of the hotel. And Saturday night will be the ninth RCW 139 gala dinner. Yummy food, buffet style, and surely a surprise or two before the fifth RCW 139 group picture.

  • Sunday will only come too quickly. Perhaps that's when we'll play Due South! Jeopardy IV, with prizes for the winning team? No doubt we'll also have another guest panel, perhaps a charity auction yet again if we can get enough donated items, and many more activities.

Our potential guest lineup is looking amazing, and the many activities are just so much fun. And what an opportunity to get together again and to meet new friends. So don't wait - there's only one day left to get an attending membership at a discounted rate!

7 February 2019

Hello Due South fans! It's a great Thursday. There's one week left to get your attending membership at a reduced price, and we have a fantastic guest announcement to make: not one, not two, but three Due South crew members who have never attended RCW 139 are interested in being our guests this July - subject, as always, to their availability and work schedules.

First, Chris Moulson, who was a Location Production Assistant during Season One and the 2nd Unit Assistant Location Manager on Season Two. Chris knows all about filming locations, and almost joined us in 2014 for the bus tour.

Second, Bob Wertheimer, who was a Producer for Season Two. Bob worked on episodes that many remember as favourites such as North and All The Queen's Horses.

And third, Debi Drennan, whom I think we can safely call a legend when it comes to makeup artistry and makeup design in the world of Canadian television and film. Her work ranges from The Littlest Hobo to Murdoch Mysteries, and of course, all seasons of Due South.

Excited yet?

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What is RCW 139?

Named after a recurring license plate seen on Due South, RCW 139 is a convention organized by fans of the show for fans of the show. The first RCW 139 convention was held in 1996. Seven more conventions have been held since then, the latest in 2014, called RCW 139: Thank You Kindly. For many years, RCW 139 has been the world's only Due South convention!

What makes RCW 139 so special is that is as much (if not more!) about people as it is about Due South. Every convention is different. Countless friendships have been made and renewed through RCW 139 - friendships that last a lifetime. Due South brings us together, but it doesn't take long to find that we have so much more in common than just our love for a TV show.

If you've never been, we think you'll find it hard to believe just how many close friends attendees make over three days (or more!):

And if you've been before, then you already know it's not to be missed!

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