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3 December 2018

It's taken us longer than expected to sort out all of the details, but we're pleased to announce that you can now officially get ready to saddle up your travelling shoes: RCW 139: 2019 will take place from 26-28 July 2019! Best of all, this will look more like a traditional RCW 139 convention than we first expected, as we were able to reach an agreement with the Courtyard Marriott Toronto Downtown, which will be the central point for the event! Many more details, and the opening of registration, will be forthcoming in the next two weeks! Thank your for your patience, and get ready for a return to Toronto in July 2019!

25 August 2018

Saddle up your travelling shoes. 2019 will mark the 25th anniversary of Due South, and five years since RCW 139: Thank You Kindly, an incredible event that drew over 100 people from nine countries to Toronto. We think it's time to get together again. We're therefore very excited to announce the RCW 139 Reunion Event, which will take place in August 2019, in Toronto, of course!

If you're a veteran of RCW 139 conventions, this will be different than what you've been used to. This will be looser, more organic. We're not calling it a convention, we're calling it a reunion. And we're not going back to the Marriott - or to any one place in particular. So what can you expect? Some favourites will more than likely return, such as a visit to the Distillery District or breakfast at the Patrician Grill. Perhaps a walking tour of filming locations. Dinners with friends. We have a number of other ideas, but in the end, it will be what YOU want to do. Maybe a few of our favourite Due South cast and crew will even join us for some events? Our focus is on bringing together people who like Due South. The rest... will be up to all of us. Much more info to come in the next few months!

The RCW 139 Reunion Event is coming soon. Mark your calendars for a trip to Toronto in August 2019.

10 August 2015

At this time last year, RCW week was starting! Can you believe it has been a year since RCW 139: Thank You Kindly, the world's biggest Due South event since the 1990s? It feels like just yesterday that we were busy preparing for the convention. What were YOU doing at this time a year ago?

We'll publish a retrospective throughout the week, but to start, we'd like your help! Check out our Facebook page and tell us:

1. What first comes to mind when you think about RCW 139?

2. What is your favourite memory from RCW 139: Thank You Kindly?

3. And if you've attended more than one RCW 139, which one did you like best and why?

Due South 20th Anniversary video

Pictures from RCW 139

Check out our amazing picture albums:

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2014 pictures courtesy of Katie McCann and Chris Howlett.

2012 pictures courtesy of Malcolm Ellis.

RCW 139: TYK recap

Read what RCW 139: Thank You Kindly was all about. Thanks Lynne!

A Dueser's story from 2014

What is RCW 139?

Named after a recurring license plate seen on Due South, RCW 139 is a convention organized by fans of the show for fans of the show. The first RCW 139 convention was held in 1996. Seven more conventions have been held since then, the latest in 2014, called RCW 139: Thank You Kindly. For many years, RCW 139 has been the world's only Due South convention!

What makes RCW 139 so special is that is as much (if not more!) about people as it is about Due South. Every convention is different. Countless friendships have been made and renewed through RCW 139 - friendships that last a lifetime. Due South brings us together, but it doesn't take long to find that we have so much more in common than just our love for a TV show.

If you've never been, we think you'll find it hard to believe just how many close friends attendees make over three days (or more!):

And if you've been before, then you already know it's not to be missed!

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