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7 September 2014

Wow! What a convention we had. All supporting memberships have now been mailed - if you are in Canada or the US, you should have received them by now. International supporters should start receiving them in the coming week.

There are many more upcoming post-convention updates, including pictures, videos, convention reports, and charity donations.

For now, however, we'd like to announce a special opportunity. If you were at the convention, you had the opportunity to buy some awesome Due South merchandise for our guest vendor, as well as some just-as-awesome DVDs and CDs autographed by Paul Gross. We've picked up the remaining stock and are making available a special package through our online store. Note that all money raised through these sales will be added up to our charity auction total (nearly $5000), which will then be distributed to some very worthwhile causes. The cost of the package is $60, and it includes the following:

  1. A "Thank You Kindly" Due South t-shirt (choice of colours)
  2. A Due South keyring
  3. A DVD or CD autographed by Paul Gross (choice of Slings & Arrows Season 1, The Trojan Horse, Two Houses, and Love and Carnage)
  4. Shipping anywhere in the world (express to Canada/US, airmail overseas)

Note that sizes, colours, and specific DVD/CD titles are subject to availability and will be sold first-come, first-serve. Please read the item description in the online store for current availability. Pictures are attached below. Ordering is through our Online Store. When ordering, please include your choice of T-shirt size and colour, and choice of DVD or CD.

More to come! Thank you kindly!

11 August 2014

Hello everyone, it's RCW 139 week!!! This should be our last website update before the convention. The organizing committee is setting up in Toronto starting tomorrow, and some of you may already have arrived in town! For updates during the convention, please see our Facebook page and our Bambuser channel, which we will use regularly!

Important timings for attendees:

  • Thursday 14 August - 4:30 PM - Departure from the hotel to the Distillery District
  • Thursday 14 August - 5:30 PM - Start of Distillery District event
  • Friday 15 August - 10 AM - Start of registration
  • Friday 15 August - noon - Convention opening event

Also, Sonja-Mooney Childs is organizing a picnic to the Toronto islands on Thursday 14 August. The meeting point is the Toronto Ferry Docks at 11 AM. E-mail Sonja at for more info.

Just a few reminders before we go:

  • Any last minute requests for attendance need to be forwarded ASAP to
  • For attending members, don't forget to bring Kitkats and charity auction items
  • For supporting members, make sure you watch our webcasts throughout the event!
  • For all members, you have another 3 days to submit your pictures for the Saddle Up My Travelling Shoes photo contest


4 August 2014

With only 11 days to go until the convention, we just completed a test run of webcasting, and it's going to be super easy! If you've never used Bambuser, all you need to do is go to our webcasting channel:

You will then see a list of broadcasts, either live or saved. Click on the appropriate broadcast to view, and that's it! Every broadcast, live or saved, also features a chat room, so you can chat live with other Duesers and also leave comments after the fact! Note that you will need to be signed in, either with a Bambuser account or even more simply, through Facebook, to leave comments.

We recommend that you visit now and click on the green "Follow rcw139" button, as you can then register your e-mail address and receive a notification when a webcast goes live.

Oh - and for those not following our Facebook page, we had a last minute cancellation yesterday, therefore there is a spot open for a last minute attendee! If you're interested, e-mail us quickly at!

30 July 2014

Confirmation of attendance e-mails have been sent out! These include a few important coordinating instructions and reminders. Check your inbox, and then your junk mail folder. If you feel you should have received one but haven't, please e-mail so we can check our records.

Also, if our webcasting announcement makes you want to get a supporting membership, we are still dealing with a very small number of cancellations which means we might perhaps have one. E-mail us quickly:!

Finally, a little sneak preview of what's to come. Recognize this? It was taken just over a month ago during our run-through of the filming locations bus tour. If you're registered for it, it's going to be an amazing tour and we have a great tour guide on deck!


29 July 2014

Good evening Duesers! We have a great announcement to make tonight, particularly for our awesome supporting members. But first, we want to remind everyone to submit their pictures for the "Saddle Up My Travelling Shoes" contest - there's still time, and we haven't received too many submissions yet. And it is open to all attending and supporting members. You can find all of the info here!

And now for our announcement. To thank our wonderful supporting members, for the first time ever, we will be webcasting RCW 139! Exact details will follow, but that means you will actually be able to watch, either live or through recordings, a number of RCW 139 events. Can't be there to see Jay Semko in person? Missing out our awesome Saturday afternoon group panel? Want to hear Lisa Jakub talk about why she stopped acting? You should be able to see all that and more through our webcast! We will be using the Bambuser platform, which also allows online users to chat and comment on live events. So if you're interested, make sure you keep checking this page and the website for details as we get closer to the convention.

25 July 2014

Things are moving fast as we get closer to the convention! Today is another awesome day as we get to announce that Craig Williams, who was the prop master on the show for a good part of its run, will be our guest at RCW 139! Craig has extensive experience in Canada's film and television industry, and will undoubtedly have a very interesting perspective to share with us. We're excited to welcome him for his first RCW 139 convention!

The RCW 139 webcast

Go to our webcasting channel on Bambuser:

Our interview on the Tom Gulley Show

Pictures from RCW 139: From A Million Miles

Check out our awesome picture album - all pictures courtesy of Malcolm Ellis.

What is RCW 139?

Named after a recurring license plate seen on Due South, RCW 139 is a convention organized by fans of the show for fans of the show. The first RCW 139 convention was held in 1996. Six more conventions have been held since then, the latest in 2012, called RCW 139: From A Million Miles. For many years, RCW 139 has been the world's only Due South convention!

What makes RCW 139 so special is that is as much (if not more!) about people as it is about Due South. Every convention is different. Countless friendships have been made and renewed through RCW 139 - friendships that last a lifetime. Due South brings us together, but it doesn't take long to find that we have so much more in common than just our love for a TV show.

If you've never been, we think you'll find it hard to believe just how many close friends attendees make over three days (or more!):

And if you've been before, then you already know it's not to be missed!

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